Tasmania’s Vanishing Towns: Not What They Used To Be “FREE AUS POSTAGE!”




By Michael Holmes

‘How often we have watched a picture of a ghost town and perhaps wondered how people could leave their homes?

TasHowever, if we journey to the erstwhile site of the little country town of Trenah we can go one step further and not only have the people left, most of their homes have gone too … The school … has been re-moved …The timber mills which dotted the area and which helped swell the population are now still and no more could we be assured of getting a lift from a friendly log truck driver if we set out to walk from Trenah to Ringarooma.

‘No more can we see the placid bullock teams pulling logs, nor the smoke curling from the timber workers’ huts on week-day evenings. The post office too … where we congregated three days a week after school to collect our mail, is now gone … One of the highlights of the social life at Trenah was the Maurice Fair and Sports held in the grounds of the Talawa Hall on the first Saturday in March. This too was blackberry time.’